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Welding Curtains

Flash-Stop 1300 Series are the latest development in transparent welding curtains. Bystanders without the safety gear employed by the actual welders can be adversely affected by the weld arc, or light from the welding  that can lead to “arc eye”, or irritation of the cornea. Our Flash-Stop welding curtains can help prevent this injury while also offering protection from sparks or flames. Transparency provides more light into the welding area, increasing safety, supervision and production while eliminating that "closed in feeling". The Flash-Stop series is suitable for use with high amperage MIG, TIG, ARC, PLASMA, GAS or other high amperage welding arcs. Our Flash-Stop curtains are manufactured in Australia and comply to the highest safety standards including AS/NZS 3957:2014 and are independently tested to EN ISO 25980:2014 requirements to provide superior protection.  Standard sizes are available however special sizes can be made to suit your workplace requirements.

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