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Strip Curtains

Flash-Stop Strip Curtains have been designed to overcome problems associated with traditional one piece welding screens.

Durable 2mm thick strips provide a high resistance to tearing and burning and accidental damage is almost impossible. However in the event that some strips are damaged they can be quickly and easily removed from the mounting rail for individual replacement.

Strip systems do not rely on the human element to close curtains when welding. The free hanging welding strips will fall back into place reliably regardless of what goes through them. The overlapped welding strips also allow for long fabrications to protrude through the screen without compromising on blue light protection. 

Our strip curtains comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3957:2014.

Strip systems are supplied standard in kit form including strips cut to length and hole punched, aluminium mounting bracket and all required strip fittings complete with easy installation instructions. 

Strip curtains can also be supplied in roll form and are available in Flash-Stop Red and Green.

Suitable Applications include Engineering, Workshops, Welding Bays, Mines, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, High Schools, TAFES and Trade Training Facilities. 

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